We at AcaciaForex.com are committed to helping you to succeed. We want you to practice using our forex trading system without putting any of your money at risk.

We undertake to make a full purchase price refund to you the purchaser if our trading system fails to show a theoretical profit in your demo trading account after you have correctly used the system within the period of 30 days following the day of purchase.

Our support system is available to you the purchaser – at no extra cost – if there is anything in the system material that you are unsure about or need help with.

You the purchaser are required to keep a simple but accurate record of all trades made during this period which must include at least

  • the ticket number of the trade,
  • statement for minimum 20 days of trading (real or demo account) using our system
  • time and date of trade,
  • currency pair traded,
  • number of lots traded,
  • entry price and exit price and
  • method used for each trade.

Keeping a journal of trades is something that every professional trader does as a matter of course and we commend this practice to you, even when the purchase refund guarantee period is over.

We will not issue a refund for any reason other than the system fails to show a theoretical profit after correctly demo trading with it within 30 days following the day of purchase.

We do not offer nor infer any other warrantee or guarantee. Trading carries inherent risk and you should ensure you have read and fully understood the Risk Disclosures displayed upon our web site. Under no circumstances will we issue a refund without having received and examined a copy of your demo trading record within the 30-day period in the format stated above.